RSRead Consulting Inc. specializes in technical projects involving challenging rock mechanics and geological/geotechnical engineering components. In conjunction with our collaborative partners, our core engineering services include:

  • Geohazard management – integrity of pipelines and other linear infrastructure systems
  • Engineering analysis – geotechnical quantities, advanced numerical modeling, mitigation selection
  • Technical coordination – planning, interface management
  • In situ characterization – surface and underground geology, in situ stress measurement, geologic model development
  • Regulatory support – application support, expert panels, public engagement
  • Geomechanics research – rock mechanics related to international nuclear waste management, soil-pipe interaction, renewable energy transition
  • Monitoring – remote sensing, instrumentation, data management, analysis and visualization
  • Laboratory testing – laboratory program management
  • Technical advisory and review support – participation with client technical teams for review and technical guidance
Bluffs upstream of Denali Fault near Duke River crossing Yukon Territory, Canada

Bluffs upstream of Denali Fault near Duke River crossing, Yukon Territory, Canada