Denali Fault crossing, Alaska

Denali Fault crossing on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System, Alaska

Visitless Integrity Assessment Ltd. (via+)

Via+ is a technology company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company uses remote sensing technology and satellite imagery analysis to manage the integrity of pipelines, utilities and other civil infrastructure. Via+ also offers support and remediation services to operating companies for ongoing integrity management planning and implementation. Moness Rizkalla is the company’s primary specialist engineer supported by other partners at C-CORE and other companies.

Dr. Douglas Nyman (D. J. Nyman and Associates)

Dr. Douglas Nyman is Principal Engineer of D. J. Nyman and Associates based out of Kerrville, Texas. He has many years of experience in the areas of pipeline engineering, stress analysis, structural engineering, engineering mechanics, failure investigations, testing, and instrumentation systems. His consulting services typically relate to the design of onshore and offshore pipelines to withstand large ground displacements and extreme or unusual load conditions, including earthquake ground shaking, forced vibration and impulsive loading. His client base includes the pipeline industry, oil and gas production facilities, electric power plants, and heavy industry.

Dr. Gary Carver (Carver Geologic Inc.)

Dr. Gary Carver is President of Carver Geologic Inc. based in Kodiak, Alaska. He is a specialist in Quaternary tectonics, active faulting, geoarchaeology, geomorphology, and engineering geology. His chief interests are neotectonics, especially rates active faulting and dating of subduction zone earthquakes and tsunamis in the Cascadia Subduction Zone. He is also involved in the study of archaeological sites in the Aleutians, and is an expert in neotectonics and paleoseismology in Alaska.

Dr. Richard D. Reger, Regers Geologic Consulting

Dr. Richard Reger is Principal Consultant with Regers Geologic Consulting based out of Soldatna, Alaska. Dr. Reger is a Senior Geologist with extensive experience related to mapping and characterization of geological conditions in Alaska. He served as Chief Geologist for Alaska Division of Geology and Geophysical Surveys in charge of geologic mapping of surface materials and geohazards. He has led mapping and characterization investigations of various sectors of the State of Alaska to develop maps of surficial geology, geohazards and permafrost.

Dr. John Clague (Simon Fraser University)

Dr. John Clague is a geologist and professor emeritus in the Department of Earth Science at Simon Fraser University. As former Canada Research Chair in Natural Hazard Research and a Research Scientist with the Geological Survey of Canada, Dr. Clague has many years of experience in the fields of natural hazard and risk assessment, working in western Canada, South America, Europe, and New Zealand. He has written extensively on earthquakes, tsunami, landslides, and floods.  Dr. Clague has served as president of the Association of Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia.

Itasca Consulting Group, Inc. (Itasca)

Itasca specializes in developing and applying advanced numerical modelling codes for use in analysis of geomechanical and coupled hydro-mechanical and thermo-mechanical problems. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Itasca was founded by Prof. Charles Fairhurst, a prominent contributor in the field of rock mechanics.

Rock Mechanics Consulting Finland (RMCF)

Rock Mechanics Consulting Finland Ltd. (RMCF) is focused on providing rock mechanics consulting services in rock engineering projects in multiple sectors. These include civil engineering, mining as well as nuclear waste management industries. RMCF staff is specialised in numerical simulations with specific expertise from associated sciences such as rock engineering, blasting and geology. Selected reference projects include the ONKALO rock characterisation facility in Olkiluoto and the Forsmark SKB site (nuclear waste management), the Western Metro line and the Pisara Railway (civil engineering) and the Pyhäsalmi and Nordkalk mines. RMCF is also a distributor of Itasca software in Finland due to particular expertise in Itasca software such as 3DEC.

Dr. C. Willem Langenberg, Long Mountain Research Inc.

Dr. Willem Langenberg is the principal researcher of Long Mountain Research Inc. based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Dr. Langenberg has extensive experience in structural geology, with emphasis during the last twenty years on energy resources and geohazards. He was on staff at the Alberta Geological Survey for almost 35 years. His research areas involve structural geology, geohazards, coal geology, and petroleum geology. Research interests include geology of Turtle Mountain (Crowsnest Pass, Canada), the dating of Cretaceous and Tertiary bentonites, magnetostratigraphy of Cretaceous and Tertiary strata, coal-bed methane (CBM) and CO2 capture and storage (CCS).

Collaboration on the Turtle Mountain Monitoring Project Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada

Collaboration on the Turtle Mountain Monitoring Project, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada