Nuclear and renewable energy are important components of the green energy transition expected over the next few decades. Nuclear waste management is a key engineering issue facing countries that use nuclear power. Spent nuclear fuel is radioactive and must be isolated from the biosphere for long periods of time to allow natural radioactive decay of long-lived radionuclides. Deep geologic repositories employing a multi-barrier design strategy are considered the safest solution to isolate the waste. Significant research into deep geologic repository concepts for nuclear waste management has been conducted internationally. Dr. Rod Read has extensive experience in rock mechanics related to international projects addressing nuclear waste management, including 10 years of world-class research at Atomic Energy of Canada’s Underground Research Laboratory in Canada. Project examples relating to rock mechanics for deep geologic repository research and development are listed here (projects shown in italics involved Dr. Rod Read but were not conducted by RSRead Consulting Inc.).

Canister design, Aspo Hard Rock Laboratory Sweden

Spent nuclear fuel canister design, Aspo Hard Rock Laboratory, Sweden