Underground rock mechanics involves rock coring, underground excavation, geological mapping, rock mass classification, instrumentation and monitoring, and engineering analysis of rock mass response. Surface mapping of outcrops is also commonly conducted to characterize the rock mass and its variability with depth. Geotechnical engineering issues related to structures such as dams include field characterization of foundation conditions, evaluation of ground conditions for diversion tunnels, replacement of spillway infrastructure, and general materials selection and testing. Key geological/geotechnical engineering considerations in some projects include the presence of weak bentonitic Cretaceous shale/claystone, buried paleo-channels, and change in rock strength and tunnel stability from desiccation. Examples of projects involving underground rock mechanics in which Dr. Rod Read has been engaged are listed here (projects in italics involved Dr. Rod Read but were not conducted by RSRead Consulting Inc.)

Underground opening associated with coal mining near Frank, Alberta, Canada