Geohazards are defined as natural or anthropogenic hazards of a geotechnical, geological, hydrological, or seismo-tectonic origin that represent a potential threat to people, infrastructure or the environment. Geohazard identification, characterization, analysis, mitigation and management are critical components of system-wide and site-specific geohazard assessment.  RSRead Consulting Inc. has been engaged in major projects focused on geohazard assessment in relation to pipelines and other infrastructure in North and South America in diverse environments and terrain conditions including Arctic permafrost, coastal and interior mountain ranges, prairie river valleys in Cretaceous bedrock and glacial deposits, tropical rainforests, and coastal desert regions.  Project examples relating to geohazards are listed here (projects shown in italics involved Dr. Rod Read but were not conducted by RSRead Consulting Inc.).

1903 Frank Slide Southern Alberta, Canada

1903 Frank Slide, Southern Alberta, Canada