Mt. Shaughnessy Tunnel Rogers Pass, British Columbia, Canada

Mt. Shaughnessy Tunnel
Rogers Pass, British Columbia, Canada

Geotechnical engineering issues associated with highway and railway transportation systems include route selection, field characterization, tunnel and slope stability, and associated instrumentation and monitoring. Examples of projects in which Dr. Rod Read has been engaged are listed below.

Client Description Date
Canadian Pacific Railway Geotechnical drilling program to characterize the rock mass around the Mt. Shaughnessy. Involved drilling supervision, core logging, water sampling, laboratory testing, analysis and reporting of conditions in the previously shotcreted tunnel. Rogers Pass, BC. 2003
Canadian Pacific Railway Instrumentation, monitoring and construction supervision of the Mt. Shaughnessy Tunnel remediation project. Project involved extensometer and convergence measurements before and during installation of concrete lining in previously shotcreted tunnel segments. Rogers Pass, BC. 2002
BC Ministry of Transportation Participation on Value Analysis team considering realignment of TransCanada Highway through the Kickinghorse Pass near Golden, BC. 2002
CN Rail Construction supervision for rock slope stabilization, Mile 4.1 4.26, Yale Subdivision. Included scaling, rock bolt installation, shotcreting and trim blasting. 1998
CN Rail Geotechnical assessment of railway cut and natural slopes to identify remedial measures, Albreda Subdivision. 1998
BC Ministry of Highways Construction inspection of remediation measures on the Squamish Highway, near North Vancouver, BC. 1987
CP Rail Tunnel Investigation, Rogers Pass, BC. Alignment investigation for short railway tunnel including supervision of drilling contractor, geological characterization, instrumentation installation and monitoring. 1986
CP Rail Construction supervision for twinning of CP Rail mainline from Revelstoke to Albert Canyon, BC. Included supervision of soil cut-and-fill operations including replacement of clay foundation material, application of geotextiles, drainage installation, development of paved concrete track test section, soil density monitoring, retaining wall construction, bridge pile installation and track placement, Albert Canyon, BC. 1983-84
BC Ministry of Highways Aggregate inspection for paving project, Highway 23 North, Goldstream, BC. Involved gradation analysis and inspection. 1980

Projects in italics involved Dr. Rod Read but not conducted directly by RSRead Consulting Inc.